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Client Success Story: Michelle C

When Michelle first contacted us she was hesitant to join as she'd previously injured herself training with kettlebells at another gym.

We assured her that we'd start from the ground up and reteach her the correct lifting techniques as well as scaling the exercises to match her strength and fitness level.

It's been awesome watching Michelle progress week in week out and we are mega proud of her results so far.

Keep up the great work Michelle!

Here's what Michelle has to say about her time with us so far;

"I had tried going to the gym before, 7 years of karate, also completed some 5km park runs and jogging around the streets near home.

I wanted to improve my fitness and resume a regular exercise routine again. In particular to build strength and tone up properly. I had weak knees and had injured my back a while ago (from lifting a kettle bell at gym incorrectly).

I wanted to learn to lift weights properly and under professional supervision. I train best in a group where I can feel motivated by others. Send me to gym on my own and I just fluff around with no real focus or structure.

As soon as I started training, Ben immediately identified my incorrect movements and body weaknesses (my squats were tragic) which blew my mind! Ben and Mike set about correcting my technique and I appreciated the gradual progression towards weight lifting.

Despite my years of engaging in other sporting activities and the discipline of karate, this is the first time I have felt strong, I'm developing muscle tone and even lost some weight in the process.

I have more confidence in my movements now.

The best thing about being at HFPT is to be able to turn up to training and feel immediately welcomed by a group of positive, like minded people who just want to train hard.

It's a very encouraging atmosphere, where you are pushed (allowing for individual physical capabilities/injuries) to achieve your best. We all have a good laugh in the process.

It's just great fun!

I have improved my nutritional habits. It's the first time I have committed to a nutrition plan and surprised by how easy it is to maintain and the rapid change in mindset.

The positive atmosphere within Holeshot has inspired my husband to join and now he is enjoying the rewards of the program.

I’ve met new people who also share similar goals. Some members have been attending for a few years and that speaks volumes. I've only been attending for about 4 months and I'm already stoked with my results so far.

Please try HFPT.

I know it's up to us as individuals to make a decision to change but your support and guidance makes the journey all the more inspiring and enjoyable. So thank you Ben and Mike, you guys are awesome!

If you're hesitant, ring Ben and have a chat. He will put your mind at ease. There is no judgement, just a real "can do" approach. I highly recommend it. Come and join the Holeshot family." Michelle C

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