5 Tools For Dieting Success

Whether be in business, sports, or in the pursuit of losing weight, preparation is the key to success. Being prepared goes beyond physical preparation from training. Preparation is EVERYTHING that goes on under the surface that you forget about along the way.

When it comes to weight loss a lot of people think about their diet and exercise which are both essential to losing weight.

However, before you can change your diet you need to get rid of the junk that’s around the house.

You need to decide what foods you’re going to eat for the week ahead.

You need to decide how you’re going to cook your meals and what quantities of each food item you’re going to need.

Then you need to go grocery shopping and get everything you need in the desired quantities.

It’s not as easy as just ‘going on a diet’. There’s a lot of preparation needed to be successful when dieting for weight loss so to help you on your journey, here are my top 5 Tools For Dieting Success.

#1 - Tupperware Containers – It is obvious that you’ll need to prepare your own food in advance and take it to work with you, so you’re going to need enough containers to store your pre-cooked meals for the week.

Having a few extra containers just in case is a great way to ensure you never run out, or if you’re anything like I am, if you lose a lid, you’ve got a spare.

#2 - Food Scale – If you’re serious about tracking your calories and wanting to follow a meal plan to the T, you’re going to need a food scale. Eye balling your portion sizes is extremely inaccurate and can be the cause of both under and over eating.

Not only should you use a food scale so you can perfect your portions but so you’ve got accurate data for tracking your calories. By weighing your food, you’ll know exactly how much you’ve eaten and how many calories you’ve consumed. From there you or your coach can make the necessary adjustments based on your periodic results.

#3 - Food Journal – Keeping an accurate food journal is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track and accountable. It also provides you and your coach with valuable information to review along with your results.

Without keeping an accurate food record, it’s almost impossible to figure out where you might be going wrong and what needs to change.

Rather than playing never ending guessing games, start logging everything you eat and drink in a written journal and use this to identify where your biggest downfalls are. From there you can begin to make the right changes, and continue to log your efforts.

You can take things one step further and use a calorie counting app like My Fitness Pal. To use a calorie counting app accurately you’ll need to be using a food scale to get an accurate measure of your portions.

Simply guessing how much you’re eating won’t give you a real indication of your total daily calorie intake and is one of the most common mistakes people make when they undertake a new diet.

You might think you’re only eating 1200 calories per day until you measure your portions using a food scale and discover that you were really eating 1600 calories which is a very easy mistake to make.

Track your food intake accurately and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.

#4 - Measurements – Along with tracking your food intake, you should also be tracking your body measurements to assess whether things are changing or not. Scale weight, girth measurements and progress photos are great ways to assess your progress.

Because your body weight will fluctuate -/+ almost 1-2kg’s daily, I suggest measuring your weight 3 times per week and keeping track of the average. Take your weight with minimal clothing at the same time of day every time you do it, as you are generally lighter in the morning compared to the evening.

Take girth measurements and progress photos on a weekly basis and compare your results to your food journal. Use the information from your assessment to make the necessary adjustments to your diet, or invest in hiring a coach that will show you the way. To hire your own coach, click here.

#5 - Accountability – Motivation is what gets you started in the beginning but it can be very short lived. Social pressures and outside influences can make it extremely hard to stick to your diet and will often test your will power.

Having some personal accountability and taking ownership of the process of creating change is extremely powerful and will make a massive difference to your outcome. Having someone else hold you accountable is an even stronger way of keeping you on track.

Your friends, family and colleagues aren’t the best people to have hold you accountable because they care about you and don’t want to see you in discomfort. In some cases, they’ll sabotage your efforts by dangling junk food in front of you, criticising your food and pressuring you into eating out or drinking.

Having a coach that is there to encourage you, keep you motivated and hold you accountable is a great way to boost your results and make following the process easier. The right coach will be able to provide you with feedback, and words of encouragement when you need it and they’ll also tell you exactly what you need to hear, when you need to hear.

So there you have it. My top 5 Tools For Dieting Success. I hope you found this to be helpful and if so, be sure to leave a comment, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Coach Ben Hidalgo

Holeshot Fitness

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