The 3 Things You Need to Know Before Losing Weight

The 3 things you need to know before losing weight

  1. It’s not going to be all smooth sailing

  2. Calories are KING

  3. There’s only 1 way to fast track your rate of progress

#1 It’s not going to be all smooth sailing

A lot of people embark on their mission of losing weight with the belief that they will see the scales drop everyday for weeks on end, but unfortunately, this is often not the case.

The human body is an amazing organism that adapts to the environment it’s placed in and as you adjust your diet and increase your exercise regime it will begin to adapt.

Your bodyweight will fluctuate daily, going up and doing like a yo-yo, and this is 100% normal. Changes in your hydration status, bowel movements, the amount of sodium (salt) in your diet and the types of food, along with the quantity you’ve eaten within a 24hr period, as exercise and fat loss will all cause changes to your body weight each day.

The image above is a screenshot of one of my clients daily body weight for 28 days. She has lost 5.7kg's across the 28-days but her weight fluctuates up and down daily.

This can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening for people if they aren’t aware of why it’s happening and what to do next.

What To Do Next

Remove emotions from the scale.

The scale is a tool to measure 1 area of progression. It’s not the be all, end all, however if weight loss is the goal, you need to track your body weight via the scale.

Weigh yourself at the same time each morning and at the end of each week, calculate your average body weight for the week. Do this on a week basis and compare your weekly average, this will give you a far clearer picture of what’s happening.

If your average weekly weight is going down, awesome!

You’re on the right track. If it’s staying the same, you need to make some tweaks to your diet. This is the same coaching process we use in our coaching programs here, it helps keep our clients on track by giving them a better overview of what’s happening and what needs to change.

#2 Calories Are KING

If you’ve googled ‘how to lose weight’ recently I’m sure you’ve been bamboozled by the hundreds of diets out there proclaiming rapid results by eliminating specific foods, or only eating within specific time frames, or fasting and then feasting.

If you’re lucky, you’ve come across some articles or websites that explain that calories are king when it comes to weight loss.

Calorie intake vs calorie expenditure, otherwise know as energy balance is what dictates weight loss. It does not matter what foods you eat, if you are consuming more calories than your body needs per day, you’ll never lose weight. Period.

The infographic below shows the contributing factors for weight loss numbered in order of most importance (1) to least important (06).

(Infographic by Eric Helms from Muscle and Strength Pyramids)

The first thing we teach our clients is that everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to lean meats and takeaway, everything you eat contains calories.

There are no magic weight loss foods, and no dieting strategy works without reducing your daily calorie intake one way or another.

Learning how to manage your calorie intake the same way you manage your bank balance is the best way to put it.

Of course, we want the majority of your diet to be filled with healthier choices but it’s the total calorie intake of your diet that makes all the difference.

All our clients receive customisable nutrition plans that manage their calorie intake for them, all they have to do is follow the plan.

For a lot people, the free app called My Fitness Pal is a great tool to use to begin learning about how many calories are in the food and drink you consume every day, and if you’re like I was, you’ll be quite surprised at how many calories are in some of the ‘healthy’ foods out there.

Things like olive oil, peanut butter, and almond nuts are all very calorie dense foods. Meaning that they provide a lot of calories for not a lot of food and are very easy to over consume.

The My Fitness Pal app gives you a recommended calorie intake based on your current weight and your goal, along with a digital food diary where you can log what you eat and drink and the app will show you how many calories you’ve consumed for that day and what you may need to change.

#3 There’s Only 1 Way To Fast Track Your Rate of Progress

There’s a saying in business that reads “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together!” and the same is true for wanting to lose weight and transform your body.

If you’ve got a goal you want to achieve, the best way to get there is to work with a coach and to surround yourself with other motivated people all working towards reaching their goals.

It’s very easy to give up on yourself when you go it alone.

When you’ve got a support network like we have with our clients and Holeshot and a coach that truly cares about you and your goals, it makes the process a lot more enjoyable.

There’s only 1 way to fast track your rate of progress and that is to work with a coach that has a proven record of achieving the results you want to achieve.

Not only do we provide our clients with personalised and customisable training and nutrition plans, but we walk the talk, and truly care about your results and your ongoing education.

We want to help you reach your goals by giving you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to reach your goals and to maintain them for the long haul.

When you’re ready to start your program with us, simply click the link below and register for your 28-Day Kick Start Program.

Click here to get started ->

Train Hard, Diet Smart,

Coach Ben

Holeshot Fitness


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