Celebrating Your Non Scale Victories

The scale can be a useful tool when dieting but it’s not the ONLY measure of progress.

When most people say they want to lose weight, it generally stems from wanting to fit back into their favourite clothes, feel lighter, be healthier, regain self confidence, wanting to feel sexy, wanting to take pride in their figure.

It’s seldom about the scales, but for some reason people tie all of their success or failure to the scale as if it were the holy grail.

The scales measure your relationship with gravity, not your self worth. Remember that.

What the scale fails to tell us is whether the changes in your weight are from any of the following;

  • Fat loss

  • Fat gain

  • Muscle loss

  • Muscle gain

  • Floating weight (food & poop)

  • Fluid in your bladder (wee)

  • Sodium (salt) intake influencing fluid retention

  • Hydration status (dehydrated = lower body weight)

  • Glycogen (stored fuel in your liver & muscles) stores

  • Fluid retention due to your period

  • Time of day (you’re almost always heavier in the evening)

There’s so many factors that influence your weight on a daily basis that it’s crazy to base your success and failure on any single day’s body weight.

Instead of only focusing on the scales, you’ll be a whole lot happier keeping track of your Non Scale Victories.

These are all of the things that impact your day to day life that have improved as a result of your nutrition and exercise regime.

Non Scale Victories;

  • Has your sleep improved?

  • Do you have more energy?

  • Are you feeling fitter?

  • Are you getting stronger?

  • Are you clothes fitting better?

  • Do you feel more confident in yourself?

  • Are you setting a more positive example for your kids?

  • Are you happier within yourself?

  • Has your digestion improved?

  • Have your bowel movements improved?

  • Have you reached a new progression in your training?

  • Have you learned any new skills/movements in the gym?

  • Have you surprised yourself at your physical ability?

  • The list could be endless

Your Non Scale Victories (NSV’s) are going to be individual and specific to you, your situation and your goals but they should be celebrated nonetheless.

The more of these NSV’s you celebrate along the way, the more adherent you’ll be. The more adherent you’ll be, the greater the overall outcome will be.

A really simple, yet incredibly powerful way to acknowledge your NSV’s is by keeping a daily gratitude journal.

At the end of everyday spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on your day and record 3 things that you are grateful for from that day.

On some days you’ll be able to write a list as long as your arm and on others you’ll struggle to think of 3 but do it anyway and over time you’ll start to highlight your NSV’s as well as other ‘wins’ in your daily life.

This does 2 things.

Firstly, practicing daily gratitude helps you keep a level of appreciation for what you have and secondly, it helps keep the positives front and center instead of dwelling on the negatives.

Use the scale as the tool that it is.

Use it to measure your bodyweight often enough so that you can see trends over time but remember it’s not the ONLY measure of progress.

Track your progress via multiple methods such as;

  • Girth measurements

  • Progress photos

  • Exercise performance

  • Clothes

  • Confidence

  • Energy levels

Positive changes in any of the above fall under the NSV banner and should be celebrated as steps in the right direction and these will compound as time goes on.

If you were 5 kilos lighter than you are today but looked and felt the same, would you be happy?

I’m going to guess that the answer to that is, No.

What about this.

If you had less body fat, more tone/definition and a greater sense of self-confidence but weighed the same as you do right now, would you be happy?

I’m going to guess that the answer to that is, Yes!

So why don’t you use forms of measurement that directly reflect your goal?

You’ll be a hell of a lot happier for it.

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