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Dedicated To Youth Athlete Development

For 11-17 year old athletes wanting to be stronger, fitter & faster!


From Head Coach Ben Hidalgo


To The Parents Of Aspiring Young Athletes,


Growing up as an athlete I never had the chance to work with strength and conditioning coaches until I was already competing at the professional level and I always thought about how much myself and other young athletes would have benefitted from such programs at a younger age. 

That's why we've launched the HFPT Academy - Dedicated to youth athlete development. 

It is our aim to provide professionally led training sessions for youth athletes aged 11 to 17 wanting to get fitter, stronger, faster for their chosen sports while improving their overall athletic ability and reducing the risk of non-contact injuries. 

Our sessions are designed to bridge the gap that these young athletes need cross in order reach their full potential. All too often athletes are told they need to get stronger, be fitter, faster or have better endurance but are rarely given the tools to do so. 


Many of them end up joining commercial gyms, train like a body builder and end up getting slower, injured and disappointed. 


Our goal is to provide the right training and technique coaching for young athletes to develop their athletic abilities through programs specifically designed for them and the demands of their sport. 

We are currently running two group sessions per week at 6:10pm on Tuesday's & Thursday's and we also have time slots available for 1-on-1 coaching, as well as sport specific strength and conditioning programs for the older teen athletes. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What's involved in these sessions?

These dedicated trainings are 1-hour in duration and cover all things strength, power, speed, endurance and injury prevention for sport. 

Where are the sessions held? 

All the sessions are ran at our facility here at Unit 5, 46-48 Jedda Road, Prestons. 

What ages do you cater for? 

We cater for all athletes aged 11 years and up.

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