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'9 Realistic Tips' to help Keep You On Track over the Festive Season...

With the festive season fast approaching comes social gatherings, all the festive food, alcohol and late nights, it can feel like a real struggle to stay motivated. Christmas and New Year are notorious for letting our good habits slide. As we kiss goodbye to structure in favour of all the delicious goodies and relaxing with our loved ones, by the time January comes around we’re left with an intense pressure to undo all the overindulgence and get back on track.

It doesn’t need to be like that though. You can still enjoy yourself, eat delicious food, drink alcohol, take part in all of the festive activities and keep your fitness goals on track. As fitness coaches, we enjoy these things just as much as anyone else; it’s about being mindful, balance and not overdoing it completely.

Follow these 9 realistic steps to make smarter choices, and hit the New Year feeling better with less work to do.

» Eat before heading out - eating something nutritious and healthy before you go out can be a great way to avoid overindulging.

» Workout in the morning - less temptation and excuses there will be not to exercise later in the day.

» Treat yourself (in moderation) - By doing so, you're far less likely to go overboard and over indulge during a moment of weakness.

» Take a Multivitamin Supplement – not as a food replacement, but as an addition to. It can be a great way to ensure your body gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly, whilst our food choices may not always be ideal.

» Avoid skipping meals - when you go too long without food, your body reverts back to its survival instincts by slowing down the metabolism. When you do finally eat, your body will be more likely to store that food to safeguard you from starvation.

» Build some muscle - gaining fat requires an excess of calories but by opting to put those calories towards fuelling your workouts and aiding recovery, the more likely you are to gain a gram or two of muscle instead of putting on those unwanted kilos.

» Stick to your routine as closely as possible - keep your meals simple and your workouts time effective. In the lead up to Christmas Day itself try and stick to your routines as best as possible. If you go to the gym three times a week, make sure you make those sessions – or if you can’t do 3, step it down a notch. Don’t stop completely.

» Be realistic - It's ok to go off track a little over the festive season but by setting yourself more realistic goals, you'll be far more likely to stick to them.

» Drink in moderation - alternate between an alcoholic drink and a glass of water. You won't drink as much and your hangover will be less likely to keep you in bed and feeling like crap.

» H20 - Water can not only help satiate your appetite, but it can also help flush out all of the nasty toxins from the body.

Key Take Away...

HAVE FUN!! You’re probably going to indulge more than usual, and that’s okay – a few days off plan aren’t going to cause too much damage. Enjoy these few days, relax don’t be too hard on yourself.

You’ve worked hard for 11 months and want to feel good starting the New Year. Not that much needs to change – make some small swaps and keep healthy routines for most of December and you’ll feel on track come January.

'Merry Liftmas' from The Holeshot Team!!

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