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Client Success Story: Bryce S


ryce is also a personal trainer and had been training himself for sometime before recently contacting us for guidance with his training and nutrition.

We worked together to map out a specific training and nutrition strategy that fit within his lifestyle and enabled him to get shredded without living out of tupperware.

Here's his progress before heading away for a holiday with his wife.

You can read what Bryce had to say below;

" Hi! . I’m Bryce. In 2018 I took on a lot. I was already a husband and a full time employee and I decided to relaunch my personal training business and then dive into additional study. Before any kids come along 😂❤️ .

👎🏼 The first photo here shows me in a state of overwhelm. BUSY. And honestly LAZY. I got caught in the circles of activity and stress, pressure of wanting success.. much like a lot of my clients before coming to me. And like a fair few PTs we put everyone before ourselves.. similar story for anyone? Just maybe a few parents out there? 🙏 . 😎

But when I relaunched my business I wanted to be the best PT I could be and part of that was enrolling into the ISSN-SNS exam to become an accredited sports nutritionist.

I made the decision at that time to hire myself a successful sports nutritionist I had the pleasure of knowing Ben Hidalgo (champion) from Holeshot Fitness, get my own butt kicked and immerse myself in the learning and coaching techniques that would then, when I was qualified, be even more ready and able to deliver quality service and understanding." Bryce Sanderson


If you're serious about getting results like Bryce's, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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