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Client Success Story: Scott C

I've had the pleasure of coaching Scott over the past 6 months and am constantly blown away by his progress.

He's an absolute workhorse with his training and applies everything with 100% effort and intent.

The first 12 weeks of Scott's program was focused on fat loss and during that time he dropped from 76.7kg down to 72.4kg at his lightest.

We've since been focusing on building muscle and gaining strength whilst staying lean and his weight is now floating around 75.2 which is only 1.5kg shy of his starting weight.

But as you can see in the photos, there's been some massive changes to his physique.

The top two photos are of his fat loss phase and the bottom two are from this current phase of muscle gain.

Pretty damn impressive for a guy lifting 3 days per week whilst training for and competing in ironman events.

I'm certainly proud of his effort and results so far.

Clients like Scott make my role as a coach almost effortless and I'm extremely grateful for that.

Coach Ben

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