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Client Success Story: David L

Dave joined the Holeshot family with the intention of 'just giving it a go' and almost 2 years on he's never looked back.

Here's what he had to say about his journey from a size 40 down to a size 34 with more muscle, more strength and more confidence!

“Before joining Holeshot the problem I had was a lack of consistency and a lack of direction.

I did not have a clear goal to work towards. I had always tried different things that I would read and see, like intermittent fasting and certain workout splits but never had success as they weren't sustainable.

My results from training at Holeshot I would say aren't your typical when looking at the scales.

I've benefited more from improving my body composition and not relying on the scales for an outcome.

I've gone from a size 40 pants to a 34 and I love the size (muscle) that I have been able to put on due to the training programs that are offered while also slimming down.

Really, there are too many benefits to list but I would have to say that having a coach that is as invested in your progress as you are and that can offer a clear path would have to be top of the list.

I'm half the man I used to be.

I’m stronger, more energetic and I feel a hell of a lot better about myself than I used to.

For anyone thinking of joining, JUST DO IT!

Don't put it off, it's a hard journey but one that is well worth the work.

You will look and feel better in no time but you have to be prepared to also commit.

I used to struggle with motivation to work out but the environment here makes you want to go. The "Holeshot family" environment is awesome, you are never in your own.

I was always hesitant about joining a gym (this is my 1st one) as I didn't want to be judged, so I originally signed up for 3 months and have now been there almost 2 years.

Everyone is supportive and really emphasizes the family mantra and having coaches that are knowledgeable and can assist in anything from nutrition to injury rehabilitation it makes it the place to be.” David Loureiro

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