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Client Success Story: Haider

out Haider's epic transformation!

Fat Mass: Down 7kg's!

Muscle Mass: Up!

Cholesterol: Down & Healthy!

Confidence: Up!

Energy: Up!

Read what he has to say about our program below:

Name: Haider Syed

Age: 39

Occupation: Human Resources & Operate a ChemDry franchise

Favourite Food:


Favourite TV Show:

Game of Thrones

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would it be and why?

Professor X, becuase it would be fun to get into people's head.

How long have you been training at Holeshot?

I started in Nov 2016 - so 6 months.

Thinking back to when you first started, what were you most afraid of? How did you overcome that fear?

I was afraid of getting injured, as I had a bad back. I've gradually been gaining strength and my back pain has become a lot better. Most importantly all the encouragement from Ben 😀

During your time training with us, what have you enjoyed the most?

Every session is challenging and keeps me moving forward.

Since starting your program at Holeshot what improvements/changes have you noticed in your health & fitness?

I've got less back pain, I've been able to play with my kids for longer as I now feel more energetic!

What's been your proudest moment so far?

The biggest thing for me was getting my cholesterol back on track.

What would you say to someone who is looking to get started?

Stop procrastinating and invest in yourself.

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