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Client Success Story: Justin G

15kg’s Gone & Shirt Off At The Beach 🏊🏻‍♂️ 💪🏻👏

"This is the lightest, strongest and most confident I have been in my adult life!!"

Justin has made an amazing transformation this past year and we couldn’t be more proud of his efforts. Not only has he transformed his own physique but he’s inspired his wife Janelle to do the same and between them they’ve lost a combined total of 29kilos, how awesome is that!

Here’s what Justin had to say about his time with us so far;

“I’ve never met my dad, so before Jaxson was born I promised my child I would be everything my dad wasn’t... in essence that could have meant just being there.

But my promise to my kids didn’t mean I would just take them to the park it meant I’d be that dad that is climbing trees with them and ignoring the age limit on the slides and swims etc!

Although I always would have done that, this way I don’t break any branches or get stuck in the slide Homer Simpson style (send down some more kids!!). I’ve tried other gyms before... the equipment was the same as your gym, the difference with your gym is you mate... you have indeed changed my life and I’ll be forever thankful.

Thanks again for all your support and coaching.

Joining Holeshot and training under you has been one of the biggest life changing events in my life. And the positive change impacts my whole family, so thank you!!

This is the lightest, strongest and most confident I have been in my adult life!!

I went for a swim at Brighton Le Sands on the weekend and didn’t wear a rash vest... literally the first time my nipples have seen the sun since the turn of the century!! Haha” Justin Gainge

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